SoundSpa is a series of musical services offered by Anitra Brooks.  A graduate of Brown University and certified by the New York Open Center's Sound and Music Institute, Anitra created SoundSpa out of her love of making music and from a need she saw for people to be able to express themselves with their voices.

Anitra comes to the field of Sound and Music for Healing with the point of view that singing is a sacred, transformative art, and that expressing the inherent musicality of the voice is a necessity.   It is her belief that the greatest privilege is to reveal and deliver the joy and magic of music to the public.  Brooks is inspired by the teachings of maestros Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, David Darling and Layne Redmond and incorporates their wisdom into her musical improvisation workshops & classes. 

Anitra also offers private sessions, which include voice-opening & vocal improvisation lessons, balancing & relaxation techniques for behavioral disorders and personalized “sound bath” for relaxation using tuning forks and voice.

Clients include the Institute of Rock, Great Hollow Wilderness School, Wesleyan University Upward Bound, The Greenwich Performing Arts Studio, The Jewish Community Center of Mid-Westchester, and the Child and Family Institute of Fairfield County.

Rates vary per service and location.  Please call 917.517.5660 or email with inquiries.

Sound moves matter, sets forces into motion and permeates the cosmos. Music is the most powerful stimulus for the whole body and our voices are the greatest healing tools we possess.”
    Holistic vocal coaching for children ages 7 and up and adults of all ages
    Lessons are 45 minutes for children, 1 hour for adults
    What is "holistic" and how do I apply that to vocal coaching? Holistic means “emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts”. Giving voice lessons is an opportunity to illuminate how the body, mind and breath are all connected, and that the entire body is an instrument, not just the vocal cords. My private instruction is 1 hour long so we are able to fully explore, engage and integrate the body, mind and breath. The techniques I use help the voice gently find its way forward and out, up and down, to its highest expression and its maximum capabilities: in this way I am more of a “vocal coax” than a “vocal coach”.
    Maximize your creative freedom by using your own unique sounds and rhythms. Sound Out! will electrify the mind, body and creative spirit through music-making with voice and instruments, toning & chanting and movement to a variety of multi-cultural music.  Minimum of 4 people (no maximum)
    1-hour introductory (for all ages)
    1-day intensive (teens and adults)
    2-day weekend intensive (teens and adults)
    • FOR PERFORMERS (all age groups) 
      Discover your performing persona and bring your stage performance to a higher level by learning to improvise confidently with your voice, vocalize expressively and with intention, bring rhythm into your body and tell a story through your music. 
      Children benefit greatly from exploring sound and music-making at this critical time of growth. They are expanding in all dimensions, forming opinions, developing thought patterns and creating their world view based on the experiences they are having right now. I wish to guide them on this path of experiential learning by giving them tools for a lifetime of joyfulness and creative freedom. The voice is the mediator between the body and the mind, and I keep this in the forefront to help them: 
      • boost confidence 
      • listen deeply
      • engage left and right brain cooperation
      • tune in to their emotions, stay present, and gain awareness of group dynamics and the roles they take in their community
      • empower and heal their minds and bodies through vocalizing freely
      • experience the positive physiological and psychological effect of sound-making 
      • appreciate music from around the world
      • have fun! 
      Enjoy a "sound gathering" in the comfort of your own home as children learn to: 
      • sing in multiple languages
      • explore percussion instruments
      • appreciate music from around the world
      • dance
      • vocalize with expression
      • improvise with freedom
      • integrate rhythm into their bodies and lives! 
    • WELL-BEING FOR ALL (offered for all age groups, no experience necessary) 
      Release stress, invite in peace and free your voice using sound, rhythm and music. Sound Out! benefits the mind, body and creative spirit through improvising with your own unique sounds and rhythms. 
    1-hour classes offered in 8-week sessions using the Sound Out! curriculum and themes (see above). Locations vary. 
    (for children and teens - no experience necessary)
    Record your song and make a CD.  Writing a song is a creative journey that leaves an invaluable legacy.  It requires skill, patience, imagination and time - but the satisfaction and joy of the finished product is immediate!  I will guide you through the songwriting process, provide musical support (production) and work with you in a recording studio to create your CD.
    It is my great privilege to be a facilitator of transformative and healing experiences. I offer with love and intention a personal "sound bath" for your health, well-being and enjoyment. I use my voice and Pythagorean tuning forks to create a soothing soundscape that will gently guide you to a peaceful state. Music is the most powerful stimulus for the whole body, so sound baths are ideal for relieving stress, inducing restful sleep, accessing your higher consciousness, listening deeply, releasing negative energy and inviting in peace.
    (for small groups wanting to meet on a regular basis  in an intimate setting)
    At a location of your choice, I will guide the group in music-making.